Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Eye on the future
[26-Oct-2017] – Australian Unity

Laser optical device to improve life for the blind
[22-Jul-2017] –  Keep It Clever

Laser-Based Device Help The Blind, Visually Impaired ‘See’ The World Around Them
[01-Feb-2017] – The Gospel Herald

Move over white cane — Australian engineers have developed a device that can help the blind and vision impaired navigate the world
[01-Feb-2017] –

Revolutionary device will show the way forward for the blind
[02-Feb-2017] –  Medicalxpress

Laser device will see what eyes cannot
[31 Jan 2017]  – Pursuit, The University of Melbourne

Lasers can help blind to detect hazards
[14-Jul-2016] –  Engineers Australia